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Train Stations near Beijing, Beijing

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Train Stations near Beijing, Beijing

Beijing Train Stations

Train Stations near city center Train Stations near airports Train Stations near local roads Train Stations near city landmarks

Train Stations near city center

Beijing Airport Train Stations

Train Stations near Beijing Local Road

  • Train Stations near city landmarks

  • icon皇史宬 (Tourist attraction) nearby train stations
  • iconLeifeng Memorial Museum (Tourist museum)
  • icon天安门东 (Transport subway)
  • icon天安门东 (Transport subway)
  • icon天安门东 (Transport subway)
  • icon公安部 (Amenity police)
  • iconDays Inn Forbidden City (Accommodation hotel)
  • iconHanting Hotel (Accommodation hotel)
  • iconBest Year Tianeman Square (Accommodation hotel) nearby train stations
  • icon劳动人民文化宫 (Landuse grass)
  • iconGrand Hotel Beijing (Accommodation hotel)
  • iconDrunk (Food bar)
  • iconTianan Regal Hotel (Accommodation hotel)
  • icon24 (Shopping convenience)
  • iconBRCB (Money bank)
  • icon太庙 (Tourist attraction)
  • iconHanheyan (Transport busstop) nearby train stations
  • iconCitytel Inn (Accommodation hotel)
  • iconzs (Shopping vendingmachine)
  • icon翰林院遗址 (Tourist attraction)
  • icon普度寺 (Place of worship buddhist)
  • icon天安门 (Tourist castle)
  • iconThe Imperial Mansion, Marriott Executive Apartments (Accommodation hotel)
  • icon北京市 (Poi place city)
  • iconFeel Inn非凡宾馆 (Accommodation hostel) nearby train stations
  • icon酸梅汤5元 (Food cafe)
  • icon北京市政府 (Amenity townhall)
  • icon北京饭店 (Běijīng Fàndiàn) (Accommodation hotel)
  • icon故宫文化服务中心 (Tourist attraction)
  • iconBeijing Mall (Shopping supermarket)
  • iconPlatz des Himmlischen Friedens (Tourist attraction)
  • iconPalace hotel forbidden city (Accommodation hotel)
  • icon保卫和平坊 (Tourist memorial) nearby train stations
  • icon7天 (Shopping departmentstore)
  • icon비단길 (Tourist attraction)
  • icon王府井路口北 (Transport busstop)
  • icon王府井 (Transport subway)
  • icon王府井 (Transport subway)
  • icon王府井路口北 (Transport busstop)
  • icon王府井路口北 (Transport busstop)
  • iconBeijing Mall, 6th floor (Food restaurant) nearby train stations
  • icon人民英雄纪念碑 (Tourist memorial)
  • icon东华门美食坊夜市 (Food restaurant)
  • icon中山公园音乐堂 (Tourist theatre)
  • iconWangfujing Snack street (Food fastfood)
  • icon社稷坛 (Tourist attraction)
  • icon社稷坛 (Tourist attraction)
  • icon北京公安局地安门分局 (Amenity police)